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Bitch Magnet - Umber LP (1989)

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Seeing as how there are multiple entries about Seam here at The Thinner the Air, it's pertinent to discuss Sooyoung's heavier-hitting past for the fans and uninitiated alike. Bitch Magnet formed in the late 80s and played a post-hardcore-esque sound similar to bands like Squirrel Bait and Bastro: similar guitar tone, aggressive bass lines... essentially that Midwestern sound. I've seen other interesting comparisons, too, from Jawbox to Big Black. (P.S.: Bitch Magnet's Star Booty EP was produced by Albini.) Myself, I've always considered Bitch Magnet to be a like heavier Seam — dark and contemplative, yet still melodic and catchy.

It's shocking that this project received as little attention as it did, although I attribute that to the comparatively small labels (Communion, Glitterhouse, Roman Candle, Waterfront) that they released their records on. I was surprised to find that Umber was released in 1989, but the heavy "intellectual" indie sound was evolving at that time. For example, a compilation called Human Music, released by Homestead Records the year before Umber, is a favorite of mine and a prime example of the eclecticism of late 80s independent music. Lots of creativity and experimentation. As far as Bitch Magnet goes, it's a cornerstone post-hardcore record. But you can decide for yourself.

Members went on to Bastro, Don Cabellero, Walt Mink, and Gastr del Sol. My copy was Communion #12; it's beat up, written on, and now yours to mutually enjoy.

Incidentally, Bitch Magnet are reuniting for All Tomorrow's Parties this year.

Bitch Magnet - Umber LP

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