Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seam - Hey Latasha b/w Mellow Noise U.S.A. (1995)

A little over a year ago, I started this blog back up on a bored whim after realizing that I had accrued a reasonable collection of music that I hadn't adequately perused. One hundred posts later, with 300-400+ views weekly and thousands of downloads, I'm pleased to see that this archive still serves its purpose for others as well as for myself. I hope to continue providing music and other forms of expression to anyone who may pass through this place. Thanks!

Here is a Seam record I was missing from that megapost a while back. I hadn't actually heard these recordings prior to acquiring it, so this was a treat for me as well. One of the discography's more overlooked singles, this was released in by Che Trading in 1995. The single is reminiscent of their Pace Is Glacial work: a prominently pop arrangement not without the Seam trademark melancholy. The B side is another story, a track that is an about face in its overt experimentation: a fuzzy, percussive track relying on peculiar loops and sparse guitar work. Unexpected, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Seam - Hey Latasha b/w Mellow Noise U.S.A. 7" MediaFire

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