Wednesday, February 9, 2011

34 Satellite - Stop (2001)

Seeing as how my stereo receiver is currently in revolt, I find it pertinent to share a CD instead. I think I actually picked this up a couple years after it was released, in the bargain bin. 34 Satellite were a Colorado quartet that had another full-length in addition to this one. Their music was put out entirely on Hideaway Records. I don't know anything about the band and I practically forgot I even owned this until I dug it out of my drawers. Definite "radio music" vibes going on here, but there are little tinges of spacey, shoegazey images thrown in to mix it up. The first few songs are somewhat interesting, if not rife with cliches, but the formula seems to be rehashed throughout the album. Other than that, mix R.E.M. with the Replacements and this is the most likely result; I mean, look at the release date! This is one of those entries posted purely for the purpose of archival, if you want to know the real truth... It has its moments, though. Similarly, maybe you'll also occasionally like it.

34 Satellite - Stop MediaFire

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westmont said...

marc benning, the main guy in 34 satellite, also put out a record under the name carrier, which, is woirth checking out. here's a link if interested