Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vaccuum - Vaccuum EP (2011)

I'm back from vacation, and happy to announce that I came home to a package from Lengua Armada, chock full of their latest round of releases. The first new record of theirs I'll be sharing is the one I was most excited about: the five-song Vaccuum EP. Includes re-recordings of songs from their demo. A very loud, occasionally upbeat, consistently angry round of hardcore from the Bay Area. I thoroughly enjoyed the "blasted-out" (oof), unrelenting guitar tone present in every song; there are moments when you can't hear a thing apart from the guitar. The EP is an improvement over the demo, but also sounds like more of the same (which isn't necessarily bad.) Turn up your volume and give it a shot.

This is now sold out from the label, and only distro copies are still available. Click the link at the bottom to snag the last of them.

Vaccuum - Vaccuum EP MediaFire
Vaccuum - Vaccuum EP Buy It


the wizard said...

There are three songs here from the demo, and two new tracks. The forthcoming EP (recorded in the same session as this one) will have the same ratio of new/old songs. Lengua Armada is completely sold out, but try here: - Vinnie still has copies left (Feral Ward, Ebullition and the usual suspects will have copies as well). New EP, New collaboration EP and new demo all out in the next month or two. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Any link for vaccuum-2nd ep