Saturday, January 22, 2011

Alexander Goldscheider - Themes For a One Man Band Vol 1 (1983)

Taking a break from the deluge of punk records in the "to jam" pile to share this library synth obscurity. London's Red Bus Music Library (full name being the Red Bus Music Library Limited) were one of many mystery library labels from UK; a quick search turns up little specific information. However, this composer's identity is a little less dubious. Dr. Alexander Goldscheider is a composer from Czechoslovakia who popularized the use of synthesizers in that country during the late 1970's. What seems to be his first effort, Themes For a One Man Band Vol 1 precedes a semi-illustrious musical career, one in which Goldschieder cut various songs for use in film, television and radio broadcast. An example of his more popular work is below - a clip from a Czech hit-parade entitled Hitsarada:

This LP is a fine, comparatively less obscure example of European library synth. Its sub-title, if you cannot read it from the photo, says "Pop and classic images of space." And images they are, as Goldschieder lifts the listener through the multifaceted galaxy in a series of demonstrative compositions, propulsive as they are ethereal. Upbeat and occasionally sparse recordings for your next trip to Saturn.

(Do forgive an error in the tags - I tagged the date as 1986, when in fact this record was released in 1983.)

Alexander Goldscheider - Themes For a One Man Band Vol 1

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