Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memorize - S/T CS

In slight conjunction with my previous entry, here is another shoegaze obscurity that I got on a whim. Memorize are from Oklahoma City, and I have no idea how I found these guys other than mindless browsing through Last.FM pages. I just so happened to stumble upon them and their MySpace one night, and I was blown away completely, particularly by their track "Wave." I ordered their tape immediately and since then it's become one of my favorites. It may be of interest to the reader that this band sits alongside fellow Oklahoma City denizens on a label called DIY United.

Sadly, I haven't seen any movement from this band despite hearing of a possible full-length in the works from a band member on Last.FM, when I still had an account. But that was long ago, and that full-length may very have drifted into the void. A real shame, but four songs is better than none at all.

Memorize - S/T CS Mediafire
Memorize - MySpace

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