Monday, July 5, 2010

Frozen Embryos - Demo (2010)

If it just so happens to apply to you, happy (belated) Fourth of July. I suppose if I sought out one, I would be at a party feigning enjoyment, but instead I'm here writing up this entry, which is just fine by me. Besides that, my day didn't completely go to waste: I trekked out to Gilman St. to see Defiance, Ohio's second Bay Area show for this summer. I openly admit, I love that band, though I am only familiar with Share What Ya Got and thus I only recognized tunes from that record with a couple exceptions. Not a fan of the folk punk sub-genre other than that band, though. Too played out for me... But that's a story and opinion for another day.

Four other bands supported Defiance, Ohio at that show; among them was a new Oakland band called Frozen Embryos. I was reluctant to sit out their set given the chilly winds outside in Berkeley this evening, and I'm glad it worked out that way. This three-piece delivered some real catchy - dare I say it - garage punk tunes not unlike what's been coming out of parts of Florida lately (St. Dad immediately comes to mind, especially on the vocals.) The vocalist was also very open about his sexuality and views in between songs; he explained before one song that he, being a homosexual feminist, believed women shouldn't be the tools of the violent straight men in the world.

As far as the tunes go... well, it's a rough demo, although that's not much of a deterrent to already noisy, sloppy punk music like this. I enjoyed their performance and their overall vibe live, and their demo gives a pretty good idea of what they're setting out to do. The vocals are snotty and obnoxious in the best way - completely complimentary. The vocalist himself seemed like a pretty nice guy as well; he was giving away a zine that he wrote alongside the $2 demos, but I didn't pick it up because my bag was already full enough as it was.

I went looking around for any online contacts for this band, but none were found. They put an address on the back cover of the handmade demo, but I feel uncomfortable posting it in a public, albeit relatively unknown, space. I guess you'll just have to wait until they blow up.

The clip played at the beginning of the tape was taken from My So-Called Life.

Frozen Embryos - Demo Mediafire


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